• Green Sapling

    as an Eco – friendly products company is very conscious and aware of the impact the environment has on our lives and how we as individuals impact the environment we live in. It is our diligent effort to improve the quality of life for our future generations. Today consumers are more educated and aware about the ill effects of Global Warming, effects of using products that harm the environment, pollution, landfills, waste & deforestation. Consumers are now investing time & money on buying organic products. Products are produced in such capacity that it benefits the environment instead of destroying it. We strongly believe that the world is ready to look at sustainability and use sustainable products. Our mission is to help live a natural life and to use and embrace Eco-Friendly products that are sustainable with the below core values.

  • Global Responsibility :

    Global responsibility – Social, Economic & Environmental responsibility underpins our thinking aspect of doing business. We always rethink the OLD and expand to NEW options offering advance solutions to our clients based on renewable materials.

  • Social and Economic Responsibility :

    Social responsibility is our duty to maintain a balance between the economy and the ecosystem. Social responsibility means sustaining the equilibrium between the welfare of the society and environment. We at Green Sapling ensure equal opportunities within our company. We promote the growth and development of our employees as well as promote sustainability of all our suppliers.

  • Environmental Responsibility :

    We identify, measure and continually improve our environmental impacts by waste minimization, recycling. We start by collecting fallen leaves from trees – no trees are ever cut down to make our dinnerware. Our dinnerware products are 100% free of chemicals, bonding agents or anything toxic. Our streamlined process is offsetting carbon emissions for internal operations and supply chain.

  • Corporate Responsibility :

    Our Corporate responsibility is to provide high quality products to the socially conscious consumers at a sustainable rate using the environmental friendly way of production. The left over leaves are shredded and used in cattle breeding and also as supplements in fertilizers instead of being burnt and polluting the atmosphere.

  • Health Responsibility :

    Our dinnerware products are 100 % natural and free of any kind of fungus, E-coli or any other form of micro-organism and are completely safe for food / liquid contacts.