Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where are the plates manufactured?

They are manufactured in India as the leaves grow exclusively in that region.

2. What is the shelf life of the products?

The products have a shelf life of 12-16 months.

3. Are Green Sapling Dinnerware completely natural and non-toxic?

Yes, all of our products are completely non-toxic, because we use nothing but leaves, water and steam. Our products are also free of any bonding or chemical agents.

4. Are Green Sapling Dinnerware single use disposables?

Although our products are extremely durable and sturdy, Green Sapling products are single use disposables.

5. Does Green Sapling Dinnerware work with hot foods/liquids?

Absolutely! Our products are ideal for soups, gravy and any other liquid foods you can think of and due to its natural wax, it’s leak resistant.

6. Do Green Sapling dinnerware interfere with the food taste?

No, not at all. All our leaves are dried and heat compressed, so nothing interferes or transfers with the food and does not change the taste of the food.

7. Can Green Sapling dinnerware be returned/ exchanged?

Sorry, we do not accept any returns nor can we exchange.

8. How soon can I receive the products once I have placed an order?

Once ordered, it takes approximately 24-48 hours for us to ship them from our warehouse.

9. Can I use the dinnerware in oven and microwave?

Yes. Green sapling dinnerware is completely safe to use if followed the proper directions below.
For Microwave: The products can be used up to 2 mins on high.
For Oven: The dinnerware can be used in an oven for up to 250°C for approximately 30 mins and minimum 6” away from the flame.

10. Are the product safe to use in a refrigerator or the freezer?

It is safe to use Green Sapling dinnerware in refrigerator or freezer.

11. Are Green Sapling Dinnerware recyclable?

No. Since our products are made from leaves, they are completely compostable and will naturally return to the earth in approximately 2 months. Composting is better than recycling as recycling consumes a lot of energy.

12. How can I dispose the products after they have been used?

After using Green Sapling Dinnerware, just put them in the backyard composter or you dispose them off as you would any other disposable product.

13. Can I order these products if I live outside the United States?

Green Sapling ships orders to both U.S. and Canada. For all other international orders, please email us at

14. Did we miss answering any of your questions?

Please feel free to contact and our team will be more than happy to answer them.