TRIANGLE BOWL – 5″ (25 Pcs.)


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    The 5″ Triangle  bowls are great for dips, soups and single servings. The sturdy texture and the natural wax of the leaf prevents from any leakage and the durability does not allow for heat to transfer or change shapes.

    Beautiful and attractive Green Sapling Dinnerware is made from leaves that shed on their own with no harm done to the environment. Each of our leaves are thoroughly cleaned and washed to eliminate dust particles and then pressed in to elegant and attractive designs to create an eco-friendly range of dinnerware. The best features of our products are highlighted below
    •    Completely Compostable
    •    Completely Biodegradable
    •    Organic and Gluten free
    •    Does not change shape with hot/cold foods
    •    Leak resistant
    •    Intended for single use
    •    Chemical Free
    •    Microwave safe: Up to 2 minutes on high
    •    Oven Safe: Up to 300 C and at least 6” away from the flame for approx. 30 minutes
    •    Freezer safe